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Examples of tools and aids:

  1. New addition - Church History Storys
  2. New addition - Prophecy Summary - Revelation, Daniel, Matthew 24, DC 45, etc.
  3. Scripture study - Student Manual / In Text Comments / Pictures / Videos / Time-lines / Maps / Link "Jump" to scripture at verse level. Options are on the navbar.
  4. Search for scripture stories or events by picture icons
  5. Book Trivia/Final Review
  6. Joseph Smith Translation in Matthew 2 - 7. Press JST on navbar
  7. Come Follow Me - New Testament 2019 - For Individuals & Families. Press CFM on navbar
  8. New Testament Map with distance calc and pop ups
  9. Old Testament Map with Draw function, distance calc and pop ups with videos, pictures and text
  10. Background Image
  11. Picture Gallery (right lick to view / left click to enlarge)/ Chapter Review - (at bottom of page)
  12. Chapter Summary
  13. Old Testament Trivia
  14. Scripture Mastery Game - Book of Mormon
  15. Lesson - slide view
  16. Lesson - window view
  17. Highlight verse in a teaching mode. Highlight text and press "HL" button on top left.
  18. Tool set