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"Bodies Celestial"

When Adam and Eve where introduced to the garden they were immortal. So one must ask, did they have Celestial bodies, terrestrial, telestial bodies or translated bodies?

First, their bodies where male and female. (Gen 1:27).

Second, their bodies were not capable of creating temporal or spiritual children.

Third, they were able to eat and it appears had to eat.

Fourth, their bodies were in the image of God.

Brigham stated that God came to the garden with one of his wives and bore Adam as an immortal being. This would implies that the God can create spiritual and physical bodies. Also, God is the father of Christ’s physical body. Christ was already a spirit. Adam's and Eve's bodies where not “exalted” celestial bodies as they could not have children, but they could have been Celestial bodies that were not of the highest order.

Their bodies could not be translated bodies as that is a process to stop aging and degrading of the mortal body. It appears that decease has not effect on translated bodies. Adam and Eve then must have had immortal bodies without glory. Brigham Young said: "When our father Adam came into the garden of Eden, he came into it with a celestial body, and brought Eve, one of his wives, with him. He helped to make and organize this world. He is MICHAEL, the Archangel, the ANCIENT OF DAYS! about whom holy men have written and spoken—He is our FATHER and our GOD, and the only God with whom WE have to do. Every man upon the earth, professing Christians or non-professing, must hear it, and will know it sooner or later. JD 1:51 [note: this would be after the earth and Adam are celestialized].

Christ was the son of God and Mary - exalted man and mortal woman.

Summary - Exalted man can breed with exalted or mortal beings. One would guess translated beings also if a need.

The DNA from Adam was used to be the genetic material (rib) to create Eve, so that Adam was the Father of all flesh on the earth,

Bodies can be changed from immortal to mortal, mortal to translated and mortal to Celestial. Adam and Eve, by the chemicals of the tree of knowledge good and evil bodies changed from immortal to mortal. Enoch and his followers were translated by some unknown process. Christ took up his mortal body and changed it to Celestial. We understand that translated beings will be changed from translated to Celestial bodies. In a special conference on August 28, 1852, Young explained in greater detail the mechanism by which celestial beings like Adam and Eve could give birth to mortal offspring. According to Young, when a couple first become gods and goddesses, they first begin to create spiritual offspring. Then, they begin creating "mortal tabernacles" in which those spirits can dwell, by going to a newly created world, where they: "eat and drink of the fruits of the corporal world, until this grosser matter is diffused sufficiently through their celestial bodies, to enable them according to the established laws to produce mortal tabernacles for their spiritual children" (Young 1852b, p. 13). This is what Adam and Eve did, Young said, and "Adam is my Father". (Young 1852b, p. 13).

Adam and Eve ate when in the garden. The angel that visited Abraham ate. It was believed that the Angel may have come from the translated people of Enoch. This would show that translated beings can eat. Christ ate after he was resurrected. So we see that bodies of all states eat. When Eve ate of the fruit, she said it was delicious to the taste, so their bodies were designed to enjoy food as immortal beings.

The bodies of the immortal, translated and mortal are all the same in form. As form follows function, it would appear that all body types eat food. What would happen if they did not eat?

Can the body be separated from the spirit once immortal? We have three cases of this - Adam, Eve and Christ. We understand that Adam and Eve changed from immortal to mortal and their body and spirit separated. Christ, it was thought, could not die unless he would lie down his life or body. So there appears to be a way to separate the body and spirit if required.

Can the body be injured when immortal?

I believe it can be, but it will regenerate itself. If the body was indestructible as steel, there would be no softness to touch.

Adam is the father DNA to all living on the earth including Eve (the rib), except for Christ as God the Father is his father. All will thus be linked to Adam except Christ. Christ is linked to God the Father. Adam will be linked to Christ in the end of all things by the adoption.

Are Spirits Male and Female:

Are spirits male and female? We believe them to be male and female. For example when we speak of the Godhead we speak of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We state that the Holy Ghost is a spirit and that "he" is male - a priesthood holder.

Jesus referred to the Holy Ghost as a male person. Speaking to his disciples, he said: “… It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.” (John 16:7.) And further, “… when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. “He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.” (John 16:13–14. Italics added.) “That the [Holy Ghost] is capable of manifesting Himself in the form and figure of man,” wrote Dr. James E. Talmage, “is indicated by the wonderful interview between the Spirit and Nephi, in which He revealed Himself to the prophet, questioned him concerning his desires and belief, instructed him in the things of God, speaking face to face with the man. ‘I spake unto him,’ says Nephi, ‘as a man speaketh; for I beheld that he was in the form of a man; yet nevertheless, I knew that it was the Spirit of the Lord; and he spake unto me as a man speaketh with another.’” (Discourses on the Holy Ghost, comp. N. B. Lundwall, Bookcraft, Inc., 1959, p. 13.)