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2344 BCFlood The great flood.
2010 BCBabylon Nahor establish Babylon about 2010 BC. The tower of Babel is built and destroy at about 2004 BC. Nahor is born 2151 BC and died 2003 BC living 148 years. The lands are divided in 2004 BC at the time of the tower.
1951 BCBirth of Abraham Abraham lived 175 years.
1865 BCBirth of Ishmael
1850 BCDestruction of Sodom and Camorrah
1850 BCBirth of Isaac
1791 BCBirth of Jacob and Esau
1700 BCBirth of Joseph
1683 BCJoseph sold into Egypt
1660 BCJacob moves to Egypt Jacob and his family of 77 (70) souls moves to Egypt.
1646 BCJacob dies
1590 BCJoseph dies
1450 BCMoses - Israel leaves Egypt
1397 BCIsrael enters the Promised Land
1001 BCKing David David is made king of Israel
961 BCKing Solomon Solomon is made king of Israel
950 BCSolomon's Temple Solomon's temple is completed
930 BCIsrael is divided On the succession of Solomon's son, Rehoboam, around 930 BCE, the biblical account reports that the country split into two kingdoms: the Kingdom of Israel (including the cities of Shechem and Samaria) in the north and the Kingdom of Judah (containing Jerusalem) in the south.
753 BCRome city founded According to legend, Ancient Rome was founded by the two brothers, and demi-gods, Romulus and Remus, were raised by a she-wolf. Ancient Rome was founded by the two brothers on 21 April 753 BCE. The legend claims that, in an argument over who would rule the city (or, in another version, where the city would be located) Romulus killed Remus and named the city after himself.
Romulus, Remus and the she-wolf
745 BCAssyria Empire
734 - 722 BCIsrael carried into Assyria And the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul king of Assyria, and the spirit of Tilgathpilneser king of Assyria, and he carried them away, even the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and brought them unto Halah, and Habor, and Hara, and to the river Gozan, unto this day. (1 Chronicles 5:26)
612 BCBabylonia Empire Assyria falls to Babylonia.
586 BCJudah carried captive to Babylonia The people of Judah are carried captive to Babylon. The temple treasures and vessels are taken to Babylon. These vessels are the ones that King Belshazzar of Babylon will drive from and define the day of his death and the fall of Babylonia to the Persians (Daniel 5). The temple is burned and leveled to the ground.
538 BCBelshazzar / writting on the wall Belshazzar held a great feast and used the vessels from the temple to drink to false gods. The Lord wrote on the wall, "You are weighed in the scale and found wanting." Belshazzar died that night and Babylonia fell to Persia.
538 BCPersian Empire Babylonia falls to Persia.
516 BCZerubbabel Temple The "second" temple is built. Cyrus allows the Jews to return and rebuild Jerusalem and the temple.
330 BCGreek Empire Persians concurred by the Greeks
160 BCTemple Defiled The temple and alter are defiled by the Greeks.
63 BCRoman Empire Greece falls to Rome
50 - 30 BCCleopatra Queen of Egypt. Born in 69 BC. Was made Queen with the aid of Julius Caesar in 48 BC. She has a child to Julius in 45 BC. Julius is assassinated in 44 BC. In the Liberators' civil war of 43–42 BC, Cleopatra sided with the Roman Second Triumvirate formed by Caesar's grandnephew and heir Octavian, Mark Antony, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. After their meeting at Tarsos in 41 BC, the queen had an affair with Antony. She has two children to Mark Antony. Octavian's forces invaded Egypt in 30 BC and defeated Antony, leading to his suicide. When Cleopatra learned that Octavian planned to bring her to his Roman triumphal procession, she committed suicide by poisoning. The popular belief is that she was bitten by an asp.
37 BCHarod Temple The Second Temple was originally a rather modest structure constructed by a number of Jewish exile groups returning to the Levant from Babylon under the Achaemenid-appointed governor Zerubbabel. However, in 37 BC, during the reign of Herod the Great, the Second Temple was completely refurbished, and the original structure was totally overhauled into the large and magnificent edifices and facades that are more recognizable. The refurbish temple grounds where completed in about 60 or 62 AD.
70 ADRomans destroy Jerusalem and the Temple